Nature heals
. . . let us help her

Answers found here are likely to be simple, natural - and work
by following nature!

My passion

To enlighten and enliven your life
Let us begin

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Using the holistic, inclusive models I have developed over the past 40 years of teaching others how to help heal through acupuncture, I incorporate many lineages, many other modalities - all interwoven into a way that you can see how effortlessly you can easily change your life.

Heather's Workshops


Expect multi media to step you through improving your enjoyment of your body - and life.

I am gradually moving from one platform to another. Do expect to see more courses popping up frequently.
I am starting everyone at the beginner's level. My 40+ years of being a student of life, an inquisitive healer and a 'never give up' sort of person has lead to what you are now able to access here.

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Come and see me

Maybe you need to go hands -on as an intensive?
Presently in Brisbane, Australia, I do offer care packages - when all else seems to have failed - or when you know that you need a reboot.

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We begin

In offering wise women's ways we start as we would have - had we been raised in a tribal situation.

Where lineage matters. Where heritage and what has been time honoured and revered.
Here you wll learn how to look after yourself.
At home - with perineal steaming.
As a safe, effective and central part of many cultures' lives.

Living Well

A life recipe will come by next . .
To alert you to not how to fix - but how to live - well.

Please start at the begining.

Where it matters - in your body. Not trying to fix anyone else - not even yourself. Understanding that you create every single outcome. You get to script what happens next . . Change you Change your world!


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