What is pain telling YOU?


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Just add water

Inflammation is inner fire.
Put it out (and do not keep feeding it)

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Nature's pain reliever

Best topical - spread on skin

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Sunlight is life giving

Vitamin D3 - to be in pain you do not have enough.


The key to any pain is getting the Qi (energy) and all that is caught up in it to flow again.

Pain is your message that normal flows/circulation has stagnated.

Any tiny movement will start the lymph flowing. You can easily change how you feel. Scroll down to learn more


Stoppage is death.


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Your hands
On your self

So simple - quick, gentle and effective.

An example  . .
I call it chest gouging - depth up to you - always start shallow and test yourself - before and after - with a breath.

Make changes and the message (pain) changes

Your body is screaming 'HELP' and you are maybe not aware enough to help yourself.

Let me show you how to listen - to lose the pain at the same time.


How will my massaging my own belly help?

Circulation flows again. You feel better.
Flows need to flow. Of blood - and lymph and Qi (energy) and nerves. Pain happens when flows are affected.

Anything that blocks in any of these affects the others - thus your ability to Live Well.

Your life is fueled from your gut's ability to function perfectly. If slowing, then stagnation occurs - as with the possible damming of a body of water, trouble follows.

Self Soothing: hands-on course

Your hands on your body can start the process of moving stuck Qi, Blood and lymph resulting in flowing and freedom from pain

Free yourself NOW!