What is pain telling YOU?


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Just add water

Inflammation is inner fire.
Let us put out the fire
(Instead of continuing to feed it)

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Nature's natural pain reliever is best used topically - on your skin.

(If it is prickly/uncomfortable this means we have to get ri of what is blocking its absorption - giving you even more reason to follow what is on here).

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Sunlight is life giving

Vitamin D3 - simply put - to be in pain you do not have enough.


Pain is a body message. You have a blockage. Get your flows flowing. All that is caught up in whatever it is will then  flow again.

Any tiny movement you make will start your QI and blood and lymph flowing better. You can easily change how you feel. Please scroll down to learn more.

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Your hands - on you

So simple - quick, gentle and effective.
Example  . .
I call this chest gouging - the depth is up to you. Always start shallow. Test this yourself - before and after - with a deep breath - and move your neck side to side after a few gentle gouges each side - repeat. Different? All found in the courses below work brilliantly. YOU can change YOUR pain to easy comfy living.

Make changes and the message (pain) is no longer needed.

Your body is screaming 'HELP'. You have maybe not been aware enough to help yourself.


How will this help?

You/your circulation will stop being STUCK. You will instantly feel better. How? Flows need to flow. Why? Pain = stuck. Blood, lymph, nerves and Qi (energy) all need to be in alignment with each other to work well. When they can't - they let you low - fix me!.

Issues in any one blocks all the others.

BUT WHAT ABOUT MY SORE BELLY/ STRESSED GUT? We clear that as part of the whole - your 'engine room'/food factory is your life support. Possibly the waste disposal as well is blocked?


Maybe STILL stuck there in your home/city/life. In pain. YOU are the one to undo this. Do something different - You can only feel better.

Shall we create inner harmony?
New ways of being? YOU in charge!
YOUR online course - 3 components.
'What Causes Health? (When not in the flow - you get distressed/STUCK - leading into PAIN.
'Soothing' - belly - you gentle yourself better. 'Steaming' - a delicious traditional way to calm /soothe away/heal from all woes.

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Get the 3 courses

Your turn to look after YOU


What Causes Health - easy steps back,

Soothing - (belly /gut calming)

Peri steaming - delicious warmth, water and herbs

Free yourself NOW!