Easy Pregnancy Resources

Are you
Scared of

- Induction?

- Birth itself?

All you need to grow your own easy pregnancy/baby experience
You CAN have an EASY Pregnancy!

Do you have a problem?

  • Back pain?
  • Pubic /pelvic girdle instability and discomforts?
  • Breech/OP /non optimal baby positioning?

What you may want . . .


  • Pain minimalisation
  • Baby coming when ready – perfectly positioned.
  • Natural birthing
  • Simple no worries breastfeeding
  • Happy mum –

This is all possible . . .

Take Action

Life will change
If you take up the challenge
To learn what to do.
Trust nature, and help her along.


You will become empowered as you are in charge.
(Feeling helpless and hopeless are of the past).
You hold the keys.

My Promise

Life is different when you start understanding how and why
With new information - and its practical application - fear leaves.
And all gets better as expected.



4th Birth Story

What Dads Can Do

Multimedia tools bringing you from may be wondering, faintly worried or fearful, back to healthy happy expectation, in every aspect of the pregnancy journey, birth and beyond.
Beginning life as  a weekend course to empower couples wishing to take charge of their late pregnancy journey, this grew to become a life manual, 2 videos, 12 eBooks and countless charts.
All with the birth partner in mind - what they can do to make the easy pregnancy segue into an easy birth, baby and life together.

You may worry - what if something goes wrong?

I counter:
- What if something goes right?
and . .
What say we make sure?
Can you have Easy baby insurance?
So much is written from the medical point of view.
Assumptions about life have been focussed on what could go wrong.
Take charge and ensure you get the best for yourselves and your babies.

What to expect

When you help everything to return to as it was designed to be . . .
All becomes easy again.
Over the years , so many midwives, doulas, acupuncturists and pregnant couples have discovered the simple natural solutions found here.
Let them easily connect and flow again in their bodies, their relationships and their lives and of course
- in birthing and in feeding and in rearing of their precious children.

Easy Pregnancy Resources

Nature has all the ways to help you transition from two to three – when you let life flow . . .

What you’ll get:

  • 1 x manual – covering all aspects of a pregnancy past easy breastfeeding and how to achieve this
  • 2 x videos:
    Massage, and
    BirthingWhat Dads Can Do
  • 12 x eBooks – covering such diverse topics as why you avoid all cold exposure to easy birthing preparation – get baby in the sweet spot to birth well – so there no induction needed.
  • 23 x charts . . practical easy reference (always works)

Enjoy Your Pregnancy

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