Perineal steaming

A delicious way to re-acquaint your body with its own healing wisdoms

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Great question to start with   .

Using warmth and moisture (and usually fragrance/plant oils) we allow our intimate parts to be soothed - released of some of their burdens.
Allowing a pleasant and yet profound calmness to pervade all of our tissues and our life.

Where did this come from?

Is another great ask.
Perineal steaming is a time honoured tradition found throughout the world.
Maybe using smoke - and always specific herbs/plants/wood - and respect and reverence towards ourselves.

Women's dramas - pelvic & vuval pain

Life is meant to flow.
Structures may have been moved to where they are not able to work well - whether by accident or surgery - and made worse with adhesions and scars along the way - let us gently soothe and soften. 

By understanding how to maintain feminine health, we can help heal ourselves.


Whether you have had an 'official' diagnosis - or not - any, discomfort pain, life disruption and even bleeding disasters are NOT normal.
By subtly enhancing circulation of all flows - (Qi, arterial and venous blood, lymph and nerves) we can restore normal. 

Other health issues

Our bodies hold memory of everything that has happened to them.
By gently allowing the fragrant warmth to penetrate, we may let go - releasing all trauma stuck within us.
Life residue. . maybe resulting from
incidents, accidents and possible medical misadventures  in your life.

All can be gradually realigned back to easy flows thus easy life in this body.


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