Gentling Way Self Care

Come home to all you are to be

A gorgeous way to (change) heal


Gift yourself a weekend in the company of others also on the path.

Allow love of self to pervade your being

Release YOURSELF from the ‘rules’ within 

that have bound you shut/stuck


Discover your own soul journey
Enjoy opening
Love your life


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If this inspires you…
If you know there is more to healing, than being good/taking pills/herbs and being compliant.
If you want to be the healing

Drop everything as there are few spots in these intimate gatherings as we delve deeply into self.

Your own story uncovered, from being stuck in your body/energy layers to release and freedom.

So often you have done all that everyone has suggested – and you still are troubled!

Please come and see what you can do to help yourself.

Have you had enough of being told to learn how to live with _____ (your life/health situation)?

Nothing more can be done?

What say we listen to the body’s store of woes and gently undo what is no longer fitting for you?

Maybe .  . .

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What you will receive:

  • Inspiring ways for you to undo yourself – starting as soon as you sign up – we begin online.
  • Total Health 2020 downloads begin.  .
  • Pre course incredible array of online resources and 2 self help courses for you to start the work on yourself NOW – transforming what was previously possible to your new normal.
  • Manuals on life and menstrual self help
  • Practical tuition on easy touching you can do at home to enhance life flows.
  • Experiential – face to face – Hands on healing demos and the opportunity to work on yourself lovingly.
  • Demonstrations on how safe intimate care works and why you need to bleed/use only the menstrual aids that support life.
  • Healthy snacks
Instantly download

Many online resources to get you started NOW on your happier path including: 

  • Self Soothing – Belly Moves, and
  • Perineal Steaming

YOUR way to healing.

What you can expect – to undo what has been you

Find your new being – gift yourself – CHANGE

All class materials and instructional manual’,

A new way of looking at yourself and of being

And the chance to make new friends along the same path.

By signing up now
  • you begin the 2 online self help courses
  • that by themselves will transform your life!
  • Before you experience what is in store in our sacred circle.

You discover:

  • All you need to know to love yourself better.
  • You hands – your living intentions.
  • As well as the moves
    – we look at what holds us stuck and the various different cultures’ ways of seeing life in  a more spiritual aspect
    – and how our emotional releases can set us free.
  • We uncover how you can heal YOUR self
    ..with ease.
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Sharon – Brisbane

‘On a personal level being someone with digestive issues who has tried everything I found In particular the simple life recipe shared encapsulated a natural but basic toolbox of information that I can use as a baseline for getting & keeping my general my well-being and health on track. 

The self massage technique has a dual benefit – easing my gut and allowing me to lovingly connect with myself.

Also a must for anyone planning a family,. There were so many topics and difficult conversations covered – all in a safe non judgemental environment.

Some in group shared information from their own experience of natural birthing, helping others overcome their fears (instilled from general medical ways of today). Thank-you for sharing your wealth of knowledge’.

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David – Sunshine Coast

‘Over the last three years I have spent my weekends and evenings learning through reading, attending workshops, listening to lectures and webinars.

I am currently half way through an acupuncture degree and am amazed that this content is not covered by this course either.

After all this time I not come across anything that is so simply outlined, logical, and understandable.

Listening to the content I find myself nodding along and thinking, wow, that is great, I have never seen it that quite that way before and it so nicely links in, like connecting puzzle pieces.

At other times I am amazed that I have never seen, or heard the concepts discuss in that manner, and it just makes sense.

Best of all, I feel that I can immediately start to practically apply the learnings’.

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Hayley - Ocean View

‘We had such a good time. . .

If there is something you want to do for yourself, your family and your LIFE this is it.

Thank you to Heather Bruce:
you are the Medicine Woman,
a true wise woman healer:
always an inspiration.’

This is a workshop for anyone.

Also for those wishing to go onto the Reconnecting heart and womb space and onto maybe – Living Ligaments.
Itself brand new ways of healing – undoing what is holding your womb hostage – and thus freeing all structures . .

 A combination of  many modalities, to gently  uncover what is holding you hostage.


  • How much is it worth to you to become more of who you are?
  • Undo what is happening
    – as it is YOU who created it?
    (You are the only one)
  • Find out what life COULD be like .
    . . when we love ourselves FIRST

Download the online content before the course begins. 

Use your newly learned content for experiential experiences during the courses.

Book your spot NOW
to get into all the magic of self discovery

Limited spaces:
maximum 8 participants

Brisbane 25/26th January

The Life Alignment Centre
10 Kitchener St Coorparoo


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  • if you wish to go on to become a Gentling Way practitioner, and also
  • to participate in the Living Ligaments courses,
  • to untwist pelvises permanently, reposition viscera and to release lymph and adhesions,

this course is a pre-requisite.

As is Reconnecting Bao and Dai Mai
offered 2 weeks later.  .

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