The Selfing Package

Selfing is the collection of Heather's lifelong quest for herself, her patients and her students to answer the question:

"What Causes Health?"

By putting yourself: your life, your body and your belly, first you create new balance returning yourself to easy living

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These are the Courses

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What Causes Health?

This may be a surprising topic for you.
I feel that we need to we clear up some assumptions. I ask some questions of you. Please ponder: 

  1. What do you see as ‘health’?
  2. Will you know when you are there?
  3. Were you well’ before you got ‘ill’
  4. What is the goal in wanting to be better?
  5. Do you have a role to play?
    OR – is your life someone else’s responsibility?
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Self Soothing
- Belly Calming

Too simple - you discover and release what has been holding you STUCK.

Learn how to gently free the clutter from your belly (and wombspace) so that peace and calm reigns again.

Releasing what is stashed away ‘for later’. Undo your emotional, digestive, urogenital and/or structural concerns - gentle yourself well.

Look after your inner flows/circulation and life is then easy.


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Perineal Steaming

A time-honoured tradition of using heated water and plants to soothe and heal your body.

You will learn:

  • What steaming is,
  • How to set this up,
  • What plants to use,
  • Why we steam and
  • All sorts of body repairs from myriad challenges are possible

Gentling away trauma, softening and soothing and creating a sacred space for you to retreat - to look after and tend yourself.  All ages, sexes and stages of life.

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ebooks Included

Download them for future reference

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Charts to Guide You

Helpful reminders to help you keep on track.

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Tanja (Finland)


Oh my my..❤ 

I signed into What Causes Health course and I can see now that just in this one course there are materials for one life time.


I will absorb the info with baby steps. 🌏⏳💎👣 
Thank you Heather!

Emma (UK)

This course was really really good - useful for literally everyone - practitioners to people who only have a passing interest.

I love the way you come across in the videos - you are so optimistic and reassuring

The changes that you suggest people make do not feel heavy and overwhelming

- because of the way you talk about them they feel achievable and nourishing and simply lovely.

There is SO MUCH information - I would recommend keeping a notebook whilst you watch these videos

- and the videos are so easy to watch.
They are very short and to the point.

I love your term "gentling" - it is lovely, I've never heard it before.

Cara (Canada)

  • Exciting stuff!
  • Has sent me into action to get set up, start trying it on myself. 
  • Love your care, videos, and the breaking it up into digestible bits
  • Maybe mention at the start  to watch the WHOLE course before starting,
    as some short attentioned aries type people like me might get started without watching it all, and the pre-cautions/contra-indictations part.
  • Off to get started!