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Training Level

Hands on




No Prerequisites

Anyone can take – online or experiential.

1 - Gentling Way Self Care

Self first – gentling your inner child


Self Soothing

Perineal Steaming

2 - Foundational Moves
All the moves that have transformed simple acupuncture into excellence – anyone can. Includes cupping navel and moxa use.


Foundational Moves

3 - Reconnecting Heart and Wombspace

Safe space and self clarity – then visceral corrections – lymph flow normalized and disatasis, scars and adhesion work.


Self Soothing

Perineal Steaming

Foundational Moves

Reset Your Metabolism

Love Yourself Better



For those who wish to help others in their lives and practices

Extensive manuals and video pre and post support.

Including all moves and various combos.

1 - Living Ligaments I –

Womb Woes to Womb Wonder

Realigning the womb – after undoing all that has held her hostage. All sacral distress.


Gentling Way Self Care
Ideally your having enrolled in Transformative Healing, the entirety of my online library is yours PLUS the maternity kit.

2 - Leads into Living Ligaments II

Review, extensive tailbone corrections leading into Prolapses to Prostates.


Men’s Healing and Love Your Man Better

3 - Living Ligaments III – Opening the Baby Gate (His and hers). All reproductive considerations – mammalian and now common.


The entire membership sequence available to use on certification course completion


Transformative Healing

For anyone in the hands-on trajectory – even if you never had acupuncture training can take this.

Why healing is not happening naturally.
Why the course and work is structured as it is.
You can add in needles - and if you already do – learn how the channels – Qi and Lymph – interact to provide excellence in every session.

Acupuncture cheat sheets for most conditions – in combo with the hands-on you have Heather’s Gentling Way signature system. 4 decades in R & D.

How can I do this?
I have been designing, writing and teaching all levels of acupuncture training since 1981.

Will include closed Facebook and Zoom tutoring


Transformative Healing

Advanced CHANNEL application

Transferable effective life skills.

Segue out of organ pathology and ‘action of points’ and back into Qi flow.


The use of 8 Extras in all perverse Qi release. Jing (life) mastership – meridian hierarchy.

Palpatory guide interactive acupuncture/energy work.

Anyone can take as this is mastering Qi - acup training as masters teach - not scholarly.

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Name Duration Description

Gentling Trauma Relief

2 days Usually available online but occasionally offered experientially

Living Ligaments III

Opening the Baby Gate (His and Hers)

5 days

5 Day retreat (on completion of practicals and all other experientials).

Normal reproduction and modern variations thereof.

Healing the Wounded Healer

3 days

By invitation only.

A retreat for those who wish to experience even more deeply

Teaching Training

Pelvic Opening/ Opening the Baby Gate

We need so many more open pelvises and free lives!

YOU can teach this as you go through these courses - and start up your own following - as I teach you - you teach others . . .

Easy to teach

Prerequisites - Foundational Moves (practical)

Gentling Way Trauma Relief practical

Teacher module (online)

be registered on the Opening the Baby Gate site as a trainer.

Foundational Moves

All of these moves I have taught for years as part of my acupuncture courses.
ANY of these - or all of them fit in well with any needling.

YOU can teach these to patients and to small classes under the Gentling Way banner as you pass through Living Ligaments I stage.


  • Pelvic Opening
  • Foundational Moves
  • Gentling Way Self Care and
  • Gentling Way Trauma Relief.


  • Teacher module 

Membership site affiliation

• The Natural Life Guide
• The Natural Fertility Detective
• The Natural Fertility Guide
• The Natural Pregnancy Guide
• The Natural Parenting Guide


Once we are past Living Ligaments III there is the option for your taking on the moderation and training in any of the coaching programmes.
I am handing over . .


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